Friday, December 2, 2016

Meal Plan Dec 1 - 8

Hello folks, sorry for the absence.  I am recovering from yet another surgery now and have only gotten my meal plan done through the 8th.  More to come .....  This is what I have so far...

Dec 1 -  Breakfast - oatmeal
              Lunch - out with friends (pizza)
              Dinner - taco soup and garlic bread

Dec 2 -  Breakfast - peanut butter toast
              Lunch - soup
              Dinner - date night using a gift card

Dec 3 -  Breakfast - eggs and toast
              Lunch - leftover taco soup
              Dinner - chicken, asparagus and salad

Dec 4 -  Breakfast - out on the way to church
              Lunch - out with friends
              Dinner -  grilled cheese and soup

Dec 5 -  Breakfast - oatmeal
              Lunch - leftovers
              Dinner - sausage, corn and squash

Dec 6 -  Breakfast - boiled eggs and toast
              Lunch - soup
              Dinner - tex mex ravioli

Dec 7 - Breakfast - cereal
             Lunch - sandwich
             Dinner - zoppa touscana and garlic bread

Dec 8 - Breakfast - boiled eggs and toast
             Lunch - leftover soup
             Dinner - chicken dish

Trying to pick easy meals as I tire really easily.  We have out of town company coming on the 10th and staying through the 14th.  Not sure what time they will be here.  More to come when I figure it out.

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